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The Pi Chapter Pirates defeated cross town rivals UCLA 16-12 in San Diego to Advance to the Southern Region Semi Finals
November 1st, 2006 the Pi Chapter brought in 50 new registered donors to the NBMD. Congratulations to all donors, you might just save a life!!


Gentlemen, it gives us great pleasure to know that you are interested in seeking information about pledging for Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. at California State University, Northridge. During "Rush Week" we hold several events where you will have an opportunity to meet the brothers. Please be aware that an application is dire in order to be considered for a bid, or invitation, to attempt our Intake Process.
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Rush Fall 2007 Schedule

Monday Sept 10th
Mixer w/ Ladies of Phi Lambda Rho -CSUN-
Tuesday Sept 11th
Mixer w/ Ladies of Sigma Omega Nu -Woodbury-
Wednesday Sept 12th
Mixer w/ Ladies of Lambda Sigma Gamma -CSUN-
Thursday Sept 13th
NAKO BONGO Rush Party - La Sierra Nightclub
Monday Sept 17th
Informational Meeting for Interested Gentlemen (Executive Conference Room)

Tuesday Sept 18th
Informational Meeting for Interested Gentlemen (Balboa Room)

What is NAK?

Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. is a Latino based fraternity, which encompasses and values all cultures. We are composed of diverse men who are committed to all aspects of campus and community life. Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. was established at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, in 1988. We currently have eighteen chapters in California, Colorado, and Nevada, we are the Pi chapter at CSUN established April 2005.

Nu Alpha Kappa is "real" friends who are not only interested in one another but each other's family and friends as well. And anything within the bounds of morality shall receive the commendation of the brothers.

Nu Alpha Kappa is love for the individual and for the group as a whole. It is our fraternity spirit and our strong belief in Carnalismo or Brotherhood which lead us to care for one another, thus educating our hearts to be unselfish.

Nu Alpha Kappa is like an individual, in that, it possesses a personality and a unique quality. It's personality, is the sum of each brother's individual qualities. It is dependent on the traits each brother contributes, for it is their individual characteristics that determine the quality of the whole.

Nu Alpha Kappa is sharing life with others, learning to accept and respect differences in others, working together with cooperative spirit, playing, laughing, singing, studying, and sharing problems as well as your achievements.

Nu Alpha Kappa is participation in group activities and working with the brothers for common goals of improvement. Never does it mean loss of identity but rather remaining true to oneself in interests, goals and characteristics.

Nu Alpha Kappa is loyalty, thoughtfulness, courtesy and encouragement from day to day. It is an opportunity to develop and enhance one's talent and is the catalyst to realize and achieve one's full potential.

This growth can be attributed to the combined efforts of ALL our Brothers including, National Board Members, Alumni, Undergraduates and Administrators/Faculty of whom all believe firmly in NAK's philosophy. Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. honors its traditions, which are designed to achieve our three goals: ACADEMIC excellence and academic support among our brotherhood, retention of CULTURE through campus and community service projects and strengthening and maintaining the bond of BROTHERHOOD among one another. Our philosophy is best summarize by our motto:

"Men of Mind... Men of Culture... Men of Pride"


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