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The Pi Chapter Pirates defeated cross town rivals UCLA 16-12 in San Diego to Advance to the Southern Region Semi Finals.
November 1st, 2006 the Pi Chapter brought in 50 new registered donors to the NBMD. Congratulations to all donors, you might just save a life!!

Chapter Pictures

2007-2008 Executive Board

Rob Vasquez- President
Juan A. Romero - Chapter Dev.
Eduardo Flores- Vice President
Francisco Luna- Treasurer
Jim Macareg- Secretary
Sal Hernadez- Sgt at Arms
Dorian Kobetitsch- Director of Intake

2007-2008 Board of Directors

Rush Chair- Ray Galan
Brotherhood - Ruben Ramos
Comm Service - Pete Scwaneman

Alumni Executive Board

Fabian Naranjo - Co-Chair
Jacob Diaz - Co-Chair
Art Parker - Sports Development
Ismael Robles - Intake Advisor

Fernando Escobar (Beta) - NAK Advisor

Brothers of the Pi Chapter

Founding Fathers - Alpha Class - Beta Class - Gamma Class - Delta Class - Transfers

Founding Fathers   Line # Major Status

Juan A. Romero



Jacob Diaz 2 Liberal Studies Alumni '05
Ismael Robles 3 Biology Alumni '06
Ruben A. Ramos 4 Biology Senior
Ramon Galan 5 Political Science Alumni '07
Art Parker 6 Sociology Alumni '06
Bobby Hernandez 7 Finance Alumni '06
Fabian Naranjo 8 Finance Alumni '05

Alpha Class

Top Intake Director: Ismael Robles

Dorian Kobetitsch

Jose Luna 10 History Senior
Peter Schwaneman 11 Tourism and Recreation Senior

Beta Class
Top Intake Director: Francisco Arceo
Pedro Aguayo 12 Film Junior
Joseph Santisteban 13 Kinesiology Senior
Willy Castillo 14 Business Sophomore
Cruz Ramos 15 Computer Engineering Sophomore

Gamma Class
Top Intake Director: Ramon Galan
Jim Macaraeg 16 Computer Engineering Junior
Sal Hernandez 17 Construction Management Junior
Rob Vasquez 18 Music Senior
Michael Palasio 19 Biology Junior
Pablo Gonzalez 20 Mathematics Junior
Francisco Luna 21 Accounting Junior


Delta Class

Top Intake Director: Dorian Kobetitsch
Carlos Perez
carlos perez delta class 22 Liberal Studies Sophomore
Juan Rodriguez juan rodriguez delta 23 Business Marketing Sophomore
Jonathan Ponce 24 Electrical Engineering Freshman
Meena Abdelmalak 25 Anthropology Sophomore
Carlos Plascencia 26 Kinesiology Freshman
Servando Partida 27 Undeclared Freshman
Guillermo Venegas 28 Business Sophomore
David Hurtado 29 Business Sophomore
Felix Jimenez 30 Sociology Sophomore

Francisco Arceo SLO Construction Management Senior
Eduardo Flores SLO Animation Senior
J.R.   UCSB Psychology Junior



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